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Stitch in the ‘Swich – September

Saturday 30 September
8.00 pm


All Tickets - $30.00 ea
Group Tickets 4+ - $25.00 ea


Presented by Ipswich Civic Centre

One time only! Ellen Briggs will be suprise MC for this month of Stitch in the ‘Swich Comedy! This month features Julia Wilson, Liam Daley and local comedian Selina McMahon!

Julia Wilson

Having grown up on the beaches of Sydney and attending an all girls catholic school, Julia has developed a hearty disrespect for authority of any kind and a love for everything sinful.

Julia has been a truck driver, a bouncer in what some would say are the roughest pubs in Sydney, and also holds a degree in accounting, but declares that she would rather “poke herself in the eye repeatedly with a fork than practice accounting”, so in keeping with the pattern of her life, the unnatural progression took her to stand-up comedy.

Thankfully it did because there is no one else like her and when Julia is on stage you want to pay attention, and actually you’ll have no choice. To look away or even blink means you’ll miss something because her comedy comes at you in rapid fire. Having acted in several film and TV roles and studied for a time at the “Australian Institute of Music”, Julia is a true entertainer and brings all of that experience on stage.

Her brutal honesty and energy have everyone in the audience wishing they could be just a little bit more like her.

Whether it’s being bitten by a lion, stalked by a hippo, getting burnt by a burning hot gun cartridge, or doing volunteer work with real life characters that couldn’t possibly be made up, she will have you laughing until you feel like you have whiplash.

An Aussie woman like no other, Julia has headlined comedy events all over the world, thrilling audiences both on stage, in film and on radio, in Australia, Britain, South Africa, Croatia, Germany and Canada as well as touring and performing her own show at the Festivals all around the world.

Julia doesn’t just take the stage, she owns it.

She is not for the faint hearted… you have been warned.

“Wilson is as tough as a sack full of nails… takes you on a taste defying ride you won’t forget in a hurry.” – Drum Media, Australia

“Laughter rips through her audiences like wildfire”- ComedyLive, Australia

“Brilliant, filthy, cut-to-the-bone, fast-paced banter making you laugh til you have bellyache. ****” – Herald Sun, Australia

“Her gags are fired off faster than snakebites in a mongoose cage…There’s nothing like laughing at other people’s misfortunes, and no guilt if you can claim you were scared into it… Be warned.” – TNT Magazine, UK

“Brilliant” – Three Weeks, Scotland


Liam Daley

Liam Daley; one of Brisbane’s funniest up and coming comedians brings his unique observational humor and wierd personality to thunderous laughter each time. He has performed throughout Australia, L.A California and Online.

Liam produced and headlined the sold out ‘Essential Workers of Comedy’ for Melbourne Comedy Fringe, ‘Valium &’ for Sit Down Comedy Fringe & Bris Funny Fest, and as MC for ‘All Star House of Laughs’. During COVID-19 lockdown he hosted ‘Valium & Livestream’ through Facebook & YouTube Live. Liam has also created several TikTok & YouTube sketches including ‘Daley Scenarios’ & ‘The Daley News’. He was also a Finalist for The Giggle Room Competition.

Outside of comedy, Liam was a body double for Iaon Grufford in San Andreas, and has been in the background of such films as Pirates of the Carribean, Kong – Skull Island, and was killed off twice in The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru documentary. In his home city, he is also a prominent martial artist and fitness specialist (but has only once had to use his skillset on stage).


Selina McMahon

Priest. Pomme. Transgender. What’s not to like?


More about this month’s host Ellen Briggs 

Ellen Briggs is an author, comedy writer, and professional MC but where she is most at home is on the stage doing stand up comedy.

Early on in her career, she was a finalist in the prestigious RAW Comedy Competition and won a National Foxtel competition that was voted on by peers and managers in the industry.  She has never looked back.

Ellen regularly performs as a comedian and MC at venues all over Australia, and has created a stand up comedy show called Women Like Us with fellow comedian Mandy Nolan that they tour all over Australia to packed houses and rave reviews.  On the 1st May 2018 they released their co-authored book,” Women Like Us” which needed a reprint in the first week!

In 2017 Ellen was selected by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to perform at the Melbourne Town Hall in UpFront, the women’s comedy gala to over 2,000 people.

In early 2018 she toured with Arj Barker and Gordon Southern with Punchline Comedy through Asia to rave reviews in all those shows.

Ellen has an easy-going, friendly nature that belies the dark wit that lurks beneath. She is completely relatable and it comes naturally to her.  It’s been said that “Ellen says out loud the things other mothers only dare to even think”, and that Ellen takes her audience on an observational and hilarious journey through life as an accidental mother of identical twins and the wife of a husband who is away working for 8 months of the year. She has made an art-form of sneaking really politically incorrect jokes onto the end of “nice” yarns. She launches the punch lines stealthily. You won’t see them coming, but you’ll know when they hit.

Ellen has performed alongside all of the big names in Australian comedy, and is highly regarded and a much loved collegue.  Ellen is a favourite at ladies events, such as Melbourne Cup Lunches, Girls Nights In and numerous other Cancer Council and fundraising events.  She has also become sought after for men’s luncheons and functions, for a hilarious women’s perspective that is not often heard at those events!

Regionally based, she is as comfortable hosting national conferences such as the Agricultural Show Society and Poultry Associations as she is performing in premier comedy clubs such as The Comics Lounge in Melbourne and the Sit Down Comedy Club in Brisbane.












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