Ipswich Civic Centre Wedding Kit

[3] St Mary’s Church Arguably Ipswich’s best-known building, St Mary’s Catholic Church offers a breathtaking option for your wedding ceremony. This iconic structure oozes charm and character, with its two- storey locally sourced sandstone walls providing real presence and beauty. Inside, stunning artwork and stained glass windows add to the ambience, creating a very special and spiritual space to hold your ceremony amongst family and friends. [4] Queens Park For a park with a true trademark heritage feel, head to Queens Park, one of the oldest in Queensland. A gracious, green expanse strewn with vibrant colours from seasonal flora will set the perfect tone for your special day. [5] St Paul’s Anglican Church For a ceremony that savours grandeur, step into St. Paul’s Anglican Church, located directly in the heart of Ipswich. The beautiful Cathedral style church will transport you and your guests to another time and place, and is the perfect location to create new memories. 4 3 5 Discover more Visit Discoveripswich.com.au to find other perfect locations within the Ipswich region for your special ceremony.