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Ipswich Performers Dance Festival 2022

Thursday 4, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August 2022


Adults - $12.50 ea
Student/Concession - $8.50 ea
Child (5 and Under) - FREE


Presented by Ipswich Performers Festival


Founded in 2020, the Ipswich Performers Dance Festival is an opportunity for competitors near and far to compete in a friendly and supportive environment.

While the event is running a competitive manner, we focus on the goal for students to develop and improve their performing arts skills, build friendships with students from other studios and connect the greater dance community.



  • Session 1 – 6.00 pm
    • High School 9/U Lyrical/Contemporary, 12/U Jazz, 9/U Entertainment, 12/U Lyrical/Contemporary, 9/U Hip Hop, 12/U Entertainment, 9/U Jazz, 12/U Hip Hop



  • Session 2 – 9.00 am
    • 12/U Jazz, 8/U Ballet, 12/U Contemporary, 8/U Jazz, 12/U Hip Hop, 8/U Song & Tap, 12/U Restricted – Lyrical/Contemporary, 12/U Ballet, 8/U Tap, 8/U Restricted – Lyrical/Contemporary, 8/U Tap, 12/U Novelty, 8/U Hip Hop
  • Session 3 – 1.15 pm
    • 12/U Acro, 8/U Lyrical, 12/U Lyrical, 8/U Restricted – Jazz/Hip Hp, 12/U Song & Tap, 8/U Novelty, 12/U Tap, 12/U Restricted – Jazz/Hip Hop, 12/U Street
  • Session 4 – 4.45 pm
    • Open Song & Dance, Open Novelty, Open Song & Tap, Open Restricted – Lyrical/Contemporary, Open Tap, Open Street Tap, Open Restricted – Jazz/Hip Hop, Open Musical Theatre
  • Session 5 – 7.30 pm
    • Open Lyrical, Open Hip Hop, Open Contemporary, Open Jazz, Open Cabaret



  • Session 6 – 9.30 am
    • 10/U Song & Dance, 6/U Novelty, 10/U Jazz, 6/U Song & Dance, 10/U Novelty, 10/U Restricted – Jazz/Hip Hop, 10/U Tap, 6/U Ballet/Lyrical, 10/U Contemporary
  • Session 7 – 1.15 pm
    • 10/U Lyrical, 6/U Jazz, 10/U Ballet, Mature & Motivated, 6/U Tap, 10/U Restricted – Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theatre
  • Session 8 – 4.15 pm
    • 15/U Ballet, 15/U Song & Dance, 15/U Restricted – Lyrical/Contemporary, 15/U Tap, 15/U Contemporary, 15/U Restricted – Jazz/Tap, 15/U Lyrical, 15/U Hip Hop, 15/U Jazz, 15/U Novelty

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