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Kristal West – Mixtape Sessions @ Studio 188

Saturday 13 July 2024
7.30 pm


All Tickets - $25.00 ea (+ Booking Fee)
*Online Booking Only


Mixtape Sessions and BEMAC Unplugged presents… 

Kristal West: A tribute to Dr. Eddie and Dr. Bonita Mabo

Kristal West is proud Piadram, Manbarra, Palawa and Nywagi songstress and granddaughter of legendary First Nations’ land rights activist, Dr. Eddie Koiki Mabo, who eventually had the legal doctrine of terra nullius overturned and Dr. Bonita Mabo AO, a staunch black rights activist. In this concert, Kristal pays tribute to her late grandparents and sings to their fight for black rights and their pride for language, culture and identity.

The songs and stories she performs also speak directly of the emotional connections of family and community, with deeply personal reflections on her family connections to Mer Island in the Torres Strait, on the quest for identity –and its challenges– in an urban environment, and advocate for a walk toward renewed reconciliation, with pride in the strong, rich culture and communities she has her roots in.

Writing and singing in Meriam Mir and Torres Strait Island Creole as well as English, Kristal’s music tells stories of her upbringing, the Mabo court case, learning about her country and storylines, and the importance of culture, language and identity as a First Nations’ person.

“I write music drawing inspiration from my bloodlines, First Nations’ history, community and our continued journey towards Reconciliation.”

This event is a partnership between BEMAC and Studio 188



Do you remember receiving your first ever mixtape?

That perfectly curated audio love letter wrapped up in a handwritten cassette. Introducing Mixtape Sessions. Nights at Studio 188 that are curated for you, by independent music labels, performers, and producers.



Ipswich City Council has transformed the historic Old Baptist Church into the intimate, well renowned performing arts venue, Studio 188. Offering a year-round program of art, culture and entertainment in the heart of Ipswich, Studio 188 boasts a flexible space, regular live music gigs, artist residencies and creative development workshops where big ideas are hatched and people come together in ways that connect and inspire. 

Studio 188 is the home for local artists and community folk to foster industry connections, gain exposure and develop new works, with regular free workshops and programs. 

Studio 188. 

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