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Sublime Strings On Sunday

Sunday 30 May 2021


Table of 2 with high tea - $80.00
Table of 4 with high tea - $160.00


Presented by Ipswich Civic Centre


Sublime Strings on Sunday features Ipswich’s own Ipswich City String Quartet comprising Helen Carvolth, Samuel Andrews, Laura Thomson and Alex McPherson, all current members of the Ipswich City Symphony Orchestra.

The program for Sublime Strings on Sunday consists of two major works brimming with joy and humor, accompanied by two smaller works to calm and nourish the soul.

Mozart, having heard Haydn’s Opus 33 set of quartets in Vienna in 1781, was immediately inspired to compose for string quartet again. Composed in 1782 and edited in 1783, the String Quartet No. 14 in G Major is the first in a set of six string quartets Mozart wrote during his first few years in Vienna. He dedicated the set of String Quartets to Josef Haydn.

Schumann was another composer to be greatly inspired by the music of Josef Haydn. Suffering greatly from depression brought on by a failed concert tour through the north of Germany and Denmark in 1842, Schumann fought through this depression by studying the quartets of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. As a result of these studies, he wrote three string quartets all performed as a birthday present for his wife, Clara, on her 23rd birthday in 1843.

Rebecca Clarke, a British-American composer and internationally renowned viola virtuoso, was a trailblazer of the world of classical music becoming one of the first professional female orchestral players. Written for cello and viola, Lullaby is one of Clarke’s earlier works and highlights what a beautiful combination these instruments make.

Australian composer Becky Llewellyn writes with wide-ranging interests and styles and always with lyricism at heart. Her Berceuse, written in 1989, has been said to “make me homesick for somewhere I’ve never been.” The simplicity of the writing provides scope for each of the instrument voices to rise and fall, like waves of the ocean sparkling with moonlight on their crest.


  • W A Mozart
  • Robert Schumann
  • Rebecca Clarke
  • Becky Llewellyn

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